how i lacked imagination

we play rock-paper-scissors
and i lose

not because i let him win but
because he’s beaten me
with a well placed dinosaur;
hands chomping
                    at my fingers

                    / at three years old he’s figured
                    dinosaurs should no doubt

                    beat rock paper and/or
                    scissors every time

                                        which is true /

when i try to explain that the game
is in fact not called

he shakes his head as if
pitying me my lack of imagination

readying himself for
                    another go


8 thoughts on “how i lacked imagination

  1. A wonderful moment put to words. Their views the world and how imagination trumps reality is heartwarming. Tire’s enough time for the to be disappointed by life. What happens if the game evolves into Rock-Paper-Scissors-Dinosaur-Space ship? It’d be interesting to see where his imagination goes next! Thanks for this, Daniel!

  2. He’s got the imagination, smiles. Have fun and enjoy it. Would also appreciate if you can comment and visit other poems. Thanks for joining us at D’verse.

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