closing my eyes
to meditate

and i see only the faint
hint of light behind my eyelids
existing just beyond
that thinnest of barriers

and my mind wanders
and wonders
                    in wonder how

                    anyone can get anything

meditating since it feels
so much like doing nothing
with my eyes closed

and there is laundry piling
up, kitty Litter to scoop

perhaps i am a
lost cause or doing it wrong
my mind unwilling to clear
                    the way they say it should
be and i’m not even
sure what that means since

how does somebody
think about nothing when

nothing doesn’t really

and now there is a ball
of nothing floating
aimlessly around my mind

like green yarn,

so that
i find myself
thinking of a green ball of yarn
floating in space

and find that i have never
been more relaxed
or ready

to tackle existential


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