New Full Length Poetry Book!

Incredibly excited to announce my first full length poetry book, “How I learned to Learn New Things” from Finishing Line Press! It’s a family friendly collection about children, spouses, and the effects of nature on a life-long city boy.
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Enjoy a few poems from the collection!

sunday morning pondering

i am wondering
who moved that chair to the space
just besides the door

where i will certainly trip
over it;
my knees finding
the one corner on the chair
that doesn’t have cushion.
i am talented in that way –
that finds the hard points
in everything i walk by,
landing on my ass
with nary a lesson learned.

a discourse in self-awareness

there is this plant,
i think it may be a weed
but no one has told it,

reaching towards a laughing sun.
flat leaves dancing
in ambiguity.

it is living in my vegetable garden
between the tomatoes
and rosemary.

i feel like this weed —
an imposter. a conspirator,

lying besides the long-limbed
flowering tomato plants
lining the flower bed.

another song to dance to

spring rains linger
on the dry grass.

my feet are wet.

the flowers enjoy an
unscheduled drink,
shaking green fists at the sun,

and we stomp around the
yard so that mud sticks to
our soles.

you see,
when it rains in the desert
the vegetables sing!

and me without my shoes,
i can’t help but
dance in step to the tune.

New Poetry Book!

I am VERY excited to announce that pre-orders for my first full length poetry collection, “How I Learned to Learn New Things” have already started. Pre-orders will ship in late November.

A book’s success has A LOT to do with how well pre-sales go so please make sure you order your copy (or two…or three……)!

You can order your copy here.

Thanks for the support!

“there is this plant,/I think it may be a weed/but no one has told it,//reaching toward the laughing sun./,” Daniel Pereyra writes in his new collection, How I Learned to Learn New Things, and most often tenderly, benevolently, occasionally bewilderingly, he acts as our guide-translator through a landscape, both natural and emotional, previously foreign to him, and remarkably, radical in its integrity to the reader. This is a book replete with decent, shareable truths. Steaming desert rains are succor to ravenous flora; a toddler, swinging legs on a slight bench in the breeze, delivers insights irrefutable and timeless; a lover so precious that between she and the speaker, even in a desert’s sweltering heat, thrives sharing “ice cream//in summer.//vanilla spoonfuls/though i know you prefer…./” In How I Learned…, Pereyra delivers us to that steady, jeweled district of fresh responsibility, to appreciate anew the singularly cunning lessons of the world we inhabit, and of which we must dutifully share.

–Cynthia Schwartzberg Edlow


“Each time I read Daniel Pereyra’s poems, my heart awakens and feels itself more alive. Mr. Pereyra’s poetry conveys the human experience with warmth and truth. His voice is hopeful but not naïve. His imagery, diction, and details have a quiet power: in “constant questioning,” for example, the narrator sits beside a “cup of cold coffee,” “questioning the way/it tastes like yesterday/despite today’s cream and sugar.” These are poems that you will want to read more than once.”

–Elaine Lux, Ph.D., Professor of English, Nyack College


Danny Pereyra accomplishes the supreme goal of every poet, seemingly mundane moments–from stubbing your toe to watering plants to hanging a tire swing under a mesquite–become magical, infused with meaning. In this collection of poems even a cold cup of coffee becomes a revelation. This book is a journey into such subtle and often wondrous revelations. In my case, every single time I finished a poem and looked around to my surroundings there was a rich, relaxed moment. I knew I was seeing the world a little differently, and even–I must admit–a little more tenderly.”

–Todd Miller, Journalist and author