One of my favorite pictures from a recent trip back home. I never miss New York more than when I’m with my family or walking along the Brooklyn promenade.


Sun and Water


Opened in 2001, Steele Indian School Park in downtown Phoenix is one of our favorite places to go with our son on weekends. He loves the large playground and the two dog parks, and the water. He loves the water. Including the sparkling , sun-kissed fountains.

Happy (late) Halloween!

In the spirit of Halloween, that hallowed day that seemed to pass us by unawares this year. Well, we were aware but the baby wasn’t. Since we missed our pumpkin carving party this year, here are some pictures from last year. 🙂


There are certain photos that have the ability to take you right back to a special place in your mind. It doesn’t have to be flashy, or deep, or stunning. It can be of everyday objects that just seem to bring you back to a time, a place, a feeling. This picture, from San Pedro, Guatemala, always brings me back to that morning were we found a small, hidden café seemingly randomly placed amongst man-sized leaves, and colorful flowers. The picture is just of some lemonade, and coffee and fruit but it means so much more. One more reason why photographs can connect so deeply, and why I love them.


We have two cats; sweet yet shy Sally, and bull-in-a-China-shop Stego. Short for Stegosaurus. I know, self fulfilling prophecy – he is a terror. But a good terror. A bottle-cap fetching, fly hunting, sink tap water drinking, needs to be in everything, ball of long orange fur. So when I took this picture, and the shadows and colors made him look calm and normal, I thought I couldn’t miss this chance. He’ll always be our favorite trouble maker, the big brother to the baby to come, and an annoying youngen for Sally.

I See You

He thought he was hiding from the crowd, but I was able to sneak just below him, get a good zoom, and catch this shot (one of my absolute favorites) of this bird quietly hiding at his next. This continues to be one of my faves. We took this at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden last summer.

All for me!

I love flowers. I love taking pictures of them. But what I really love is taking pictures of insects ON flowers. This was in the Brooklyn Botanical garden, and this little guy seemed not to know where to start! I feel that way sometimes; a little fly, on a big flower. Trying to figure it all out. Perhaps even ignorant of the beauty just underneath me, too focused on whats right in front of me.

Coconuts and Phone Calls

My cell phone didn’t work. We’d just gotten off the small dirt-bike that a stranger graciously let us hang off the back of as he raced towards our isolated beach and fresh-from-the-tree coconuts. But my cell phone didn’t work. And we needed to check in with the family who’d only hours earlier sent us on this crazy journey. Long story short, a machete wielding man leads me up a steep and tree filled hill, to a special crooked tree where overlooking a steep drop down, when placing a hand on one of the furthest reaching branches, one would get reception enough to make calls. I hadn’t had the heart to tell him, on the 15 minute hike up a hill, that my phone had actually died half way up. He was doing me a real solid here. So, we reached the top, laughed about it. He used the machete to cut down some fresh coconuts, and I used his phone to tell my uncle we were alive. And in the meantime, I got this wonderful picture that I fell in love with.

Golden’s State Flower

My partner, Golden, is from Colorado. Gilpin County or Nederland, depending on when you ask her. But, that’s why we go there so often and I absolutely love it. I love the big things like the mountains, and the grand landscapes (much like Chris Kaan’s sick picture. Link below), and the small things like random wildlife and wonderful wildflowers. Like, this – the Rocky Mountain Columbine, state flower of Colorado. We saw some growing during a hike in Estes Park and we couldn’t pass without taking some pictures. Rather, Golden wouldn’t pass until we got the perfect shot of a little piece of home.

(Chris Kaan)