New chapbook from Red Bird Chapbooks!


My second chapbook “Yes I Know You Can’t Drive Across The World” was just released by Red Bird Chapbooks. Pick up your copy!

“Daniel Pereyra’s poems capture the wonder and delight of everyday life.  In “afternoons in the backyard,” the author and his son play in a kiddie pool, and fight demons like bees. [Life] As a father, “i am his hero and he my apprentice.”  Billy Joel shows the narrator that it is no longer his life, it is his now son’s in “a lesson from the piano man.”  The son “…tells me about his day / and how he colored an elephant yellow / because he really likes yellow.” Pereyra’s poems also reflect on rainstorms in the desert, treasures left behind in attics, and the dynamics of married life. A spider decorates the porch and a fly critiques wine choices. The author speaks for many of us in the final lines of “some honesty on a tuesday” when he says,

that i think, with sincere clarity,             drinking my coffee with eyes closed /

damn, i’m tired.”


New Chapbook!

I’m excited to say that my first poetry chapbook, Sunday Morning Ponderings, is now available from Flutter Press! Click the link and pick up your copy!

“The theme of Daniel Pereyra’s chapbook, Sunday Morning Ponderings, is transition and new beginnings. They are poems about his move from the cities of New York to the deserts of Arizona and many have to do with nature, home, and family”

I See You

He thought he was hiding from the crowd, but I was able to sneak just below him, get a good zoom, and catch this shot (one of my absolute favorites) of this bird quietly hiding at his next. This continues to be one of my faves. We took this at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden last summer.

All for me!

I love flowers. I love taking pictures of them. But what I really love is taking pictures of insects ON flowers. This was in the Brooklyn Botanical garden, and this little guy seemed not to know where to start! I feel that way sometimes; a little fly, on a big flower. Trying to figure it all out. Perhaps even ignorant of the beauty just underneath me, too focused on whats right in front of me.

Golden’s State Flower

My partner, Golden, is from Colorado. Gilpin County or Nederland, depending on when you ask her. But, that’s why we go there so often and I absolutely love it. I love the big things like the mountains, and the grand landscapes (much like Chris Kaan’s sick picture. Link below), and the small things like random wildlife and wonderful wildflowers. Like, this – the Rocky Mountain Columbine, state flower of Colorado. We saw some growing during a hike in Estes Park and we couldn’t pass without taking some pictures. Rather, Golden wouldn’t pass until we got the perfect shot of a little piece of home.

(Chris Kaan)


Breathtaking. Going to Monument Park in Colorado was to see the world in a way I had never seen it before. My camera ran out of batteries of course. Of course. But that was ok. When you’re walking around a place where the walls tells stories of the earth itself, and there are stones of so many colors, and spires of so many shapes, memory can serve just fine. It was hard not to see the art in it all.

View from a Boat

This isn’t the first time that I’ve used this picture, I included it with the poem, ‘Burn’. But I have it as my desktop background and wanted share the picture by itself. I see this and just want to explore! I’m immediately bombarded with emotion, and feeling and desire. Maybe its just me. To be at the head of a small boat, small fishing towns ringing a volcanic lake, exploring each one to find the hidden treausres in each; I’ve never felt more in love with an idea.

Beetle Berry

I took this picture during our 2010 trip to Colorado. Being from NYC, I fell in love with Colorado from the first time I took that oxygen-deprived, mile-high step. I love this picture because the berry looks like a beetle climbing out towards the end of the branch.
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